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Krerya Hotel Boutique The best accommodation for you, since you are visiting this website, it seems that you are probably planning to travel to Isfahan. Therefore, we must congratulate you because Isfahan is the jewel of tourism in Iran and a journey with memorable moments is waiting for you.

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Historic building

The boutique building of Keryas Hotel is a jewel of Qajar architecture with a history of nearly two centuries. The building of Keryas Hotel is a jewel left over from Qajar period architecture with a history of nearly two centuries.

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Location of Keryas Hotel

Keryas Hotel boutique is adjacent to Naghsh E Jahan Square and is located right at the foot of the turquoise dome of ShahMosque. It can be claimed that such an experience is not achieved in Isfahan at all!

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Keryas rooms

The boutique hotel of Keryas, which has only 15 rooms, is in fact a private space that offers a heavenly tranquility to its guests within a few steps of the crowded Naghsh  E Jahan Square and its famous bazaar.

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Welcome to Isfahan!

Among the cities of Iran, Isfahan is like a piece of jewelry that, despite the historical fluctuations in this region, still retains its splendor and glory over the centuries. The city is so vibrant that it seems to have been born today, and yet it is so attractive that it seems to have always existed. The rich culture and beautiful nature of the city are in such perfect harmony that one of them seems to reflect the other. Isfahan is the ultimate expression of Iranian and Islamic culture. Isfahan is located in central Iran inside the plains that stretch along the Zayandeh River. The city is located in a relatively mountainous region in the center of the Iranian plateau and stretches from the snowy mountains of the Zagros in the west to east and the deserts of north-central Iran.

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